Do you carry insurance and are you bonded?

Every certified Preferred vendor must carry insurance and be bonded to work with PAC.

How does your bid process work?

It is pretty simple actually.  After you schedule an initial project meeting with PAC, a representative comes to your project site to measure the area and will get a core sample of the area.  We then outline a project scope and get your approval on the project scope.  At that point we take care of getting bids for you.  After we have several bids we will then give you an outline of the bids and recommend the best vendor for the job.

How many years experience do you have?

PAC has more than 30+ years of combined experience to shine on your project!

What if a vendor of yours has a problem with a project detail?

If one of our vendors has an issue they will communicate with us first.  If we can not solve the problem we will communicate with you.  You should never have to communicate directly with one of our vendors.

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